The first Days in the Nursery


The Keepers are the new family and stay with the orphans 24 hours a day. They are sleeping with the infants during the night. The Keepers work on rotation to avoid a calf becoming too attached to any one person and pining when that person has to take time off. To a baby elephant, who is emotionally very fragile, it is the family aspect that is all important. The Keepers handle their ‘adopted’ infant with gentle patience, exuding love and feeding the baby on demand, little and often, which is vital to the survival of the calf. Elephants are tactile and highly social animals, so the Keepers are in constant physical contact with the babies, talking to them and demonstrating genuine heartfelt affection, as would their elephant family.

Little Jumbos need Extra-Care

elefanten unter dem Sonnenschirm

The Keepers must protect the little jumbos with blankets when cold, rainwear when wet and sunscreen and an umbrella when exposed to sun during the first 2 months of life. Infant elephants are also difficult feeders and the Keepers need endless patience to encourage the calf to drink sufficient milk to help them to thrive.

Baby Elephants need a Special Milk

The milk in the orphanage is specially designed to closely mimic the mother’s milk and promote good health and growth in the orphans. For two years baby elephants are dependent on milk.

Games Elephants Play

spielender elefant

Like human children, baby elephants need toys and stimulation. The Keepers take the orphans on walks in varied surroundings with unlimited access to Nature's toys such as sticks and stones plus artificial playthings such as rubber tubes and balls. Baby elephants enjoy to play games like hide and seek, strength testing match, pushing games, with the pushing games they also welcome each another, They like to play with sticks and stones, rubber tubes and balls, some like to play football with the keepers,


 Why Baby Elephants become Orphans?


Elephants in Africa are killed for their ivory tusks. Poachers have claimed the lives of thousands of elephants since the 1970s, and it continues today. Poaching leaves many elephant orphans, orphaned elephants rarely survive into adulthood without the help of their families. This is why everyone should have a baby elephant!


elefant walking